Birte Gooßes


Turkey Europe Future Forum

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Turkey Europe Future Forum 2021

Short biography

Birte Gooßes works as a project manager and trainer for the Institute DINX, an institute for diversity, innovation and sustainable practice transfer, based in the Ruhr Area. She focuses on collaborating with professionals from all over Europe between the priorities of social work and education. A recent project is a German-Turkish Initiative, where Birte hosts five transdisciplinary and transcultural groups, who are creating more inclusive educational materials as well as trainings on inclusive and diversity-aware approaches. In her role as a trainer, she targets professionals and volunteers in the social, educational and economic sector. The focus topics are sensitization for and dealing with diversity and anti-racism. Together with a team of scientists, practitioners and graphic artists from Germany, Turkey and Greece, Birte is currently working on a publication on transcultural perspectives on inclusion in education.