Makis Mylonas

Programme: Turkey Europe Future Forum
Year: Year 2019
Expertise: Politics
Makis Mylonas currently works as a public policy advisor in the Greek Parliament with a special focus on foreign affairs and human rights. He has previously worked as an accredited parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament, covering the activities of European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET). Before moving to Brussels, he worked on the forefront of the refugee crisis in Chios, Greece as a special advisor to the Mayor of Chios. He has also been active as a blogger since 2008 and he regularly contributes to major Greek newspapers (Kathimerini, Athens Voice etc). He mostly follows developments in Eastern Mediterranean, with a special focus on Turkish Politics, Greek-Turkish relations and EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from University of Athens and he is currently finishing his Public Administration master on Leiden University, The Netherlands.