The Turkey Europe Future Forum is a project of Stiftung Mercator in cooperation with TUSIAD.

Since 2015, The Turkey Europe Future Forum has been bringing together dedicated young leaders from Turkey and Europe for intensive dialogue in Turkey, Germany and other European countries.

For any questions about the Future Forum please contact Jannes Tessmann.

“The return of a bipolar world? – Prospects for Turkey-European relations?”

The rapid rise of China as an economic and political power is often perceived as a move towards a bipolar world in which the U.S. and China compete for supremacy. This may increase the likelihood of conflicts and exclusive alliances. Others raise hopes that a bipolar world is more stable and predictable which may even foster peaceful coexistence and prosperity. Both scenarios raise important questions for the EU and the future of Turkey-European relations in an interdependent world.

The 8th Turkey Europe Future Forum (TEFF) explores the challenges and opportunities that the changing geopolitical landscape may pose for the future of Turkey-European relations. How do geopolitical rivalries impact on Turkey-EU relations? How can lasting cooperative structures be ensured in times of global realignments? How does ideological competition impact on civic freedoms and human rights? The TEFF brings together participants from different backgrounds to engage in workshops, training sessions, and study trips. We want to discuss, exchange ideas, and explore common ground despite differences.

Exchanges between Young Leaders from Turkey, Germany and other European Countries

Every year, the Turkey Europe Future Forum enables 30 outstanding young leaders from Turkey, Germany and other European countries to benefit from an intensive exchange of ideas, substantial training measures and access to an important network. Costs for travel and accommodation are covered.

Eight Days of Thematic Dialogue in Turkey and in Europe

During the Future Forum, participants attend a week of workshops, lectures and intercultural trainings about a current issue and debate it from their country- and sector-specific perspectives. In addition, top-level guests, speakers and dialogue partners provide exclusive insights into the politics, economy, culture and society of the participating countries. Ümit Boyner, former president of TÜSIAD and one of Turkey’s most successful entrepreneurs, and Ruprecht Polenz, long-time member of the German Bundestag and former chair of the German Foreign Affairs Committee, are the programme deans.

Think Like Europeans – In All Sectors

The goal of the Turkey Europe Future Forum is to reinforce networking and enhance mutual understanding among future decision-makers of Turkey, Germany and other European countries. The programme encourages all actors to adopt a European perspective and strengthens their ability to act, especially across sectors. The Future Forum provides fresh impetus to the Turkish-European debate.


Application Requirements

  • between two and ten years of professional experience in the fields of politics, economics, administration, culture, media, science or civil society (Note: Internships do not count)
  • outstanding achievements during studies, professional career, or civic engagement
  • Turkisch, German or another European citizenship
  • willingness to contribute to the TEFF for the whole period of the programme

Online Application

Applications for the Turkey Europe Future Forum are only possible via the online application tool during the application phase.

The application deadline is ends January 21, 2022.

If you have questions about the application process or technical difficulties, you can reach us here.

Dates & Deadlines

  • January 21, 2022: Application Deadline
  • June 26 to July 02, 2022: 8th Turkey Europe Future Forum in Berlin

You can download the full FAQ document here:   PDF 

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